Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to The New Skeptic

This post will introduce you to myself, and layout briefly my intentions with this blog.

I will be primarily using The New Skeptic, to bring you my opinions, and the facts on current events and social issues. You will notice, much of my criticism will be geared toward religion and conservatives, though everybody will get a little slice of that pie. Not every article will be opinionated, most will, some will just be news stories, some will be interviews with friends and strangers and some will be re-shared pictures/videos.

About me, if you have not read the little section they gave me to write about myself. My name is Sean Rankin, I am a 20 year old real estate broker in South Florida, though I aspire to be a journalist. My passion since I was a child was writing and debating, I figured I might as well get paid for it. My mother died when I was young, 15 to be exact, even though I was taking care of her a few years before that. My father was never around, nor do I care. Therefore my family is relatively small, my Aunty Gina raised me from age 13, and I have an older brother Donald who is 28, he has a wife and two kids also, but that is about it. I tend to keep to myself, I think a lot, sometimes just arguing with myself in my head, that is a huge reason I started this blog.

I chose the name "The New Skeptic" because I recently, in the past year, have become a very vocal atheist, activist and skeptic of all topics. I wanted to keep the title broad, and not bearing my name, as I hope to eventually have contributing writers. I hope that this will serve as a platform for my ideas and writings to further my dream of being a journalist. I believe we should always question authority, always be skeptical of what you are told because that is how truths come to be.

Thank You, and Here's to Future Endeavors,
Sean Rankin
Chief Blogger
The New Skeptic

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